Discover our latest technology in
    ink key presettingcolor measurement and closed loop color correction system, which can control any sheetfed and web offset presses' electronically controlled inking system.


    The Color Key Pro (CKP) Pressroom Optimizer is an automatic ink key presetting, spectrodensitometer based color measurement and closed loop color correction system. CKP can control any sheetfed or web offset presses' electronically controlled inking system totally automatically through our self-developed electronic interface. Our solution is flexible enough to be integrated into any existing Pre-Press RIP systems using the CKP Pre-Press Data Manager (CIP3/4 licence on RIP side is not necessary, but supported). CKP Pressroom Optimizer's outstanding integrated and automated system dramatically reduces make-ready times and sheets resulting lower production costs and more production time while ensuring an uniform colour quality within the tolerances of the applied standard in each zone of every printing unit.


    Color Key Pro is fast and user friendly. Reaching OK sheet and keeping uniform quality through print run has never been easier.
    • Full sheet color measurement, correction calculation and console set-up is under 10 seconds
    • Advanced iteration algorithms based on each printing unit's  condition
    • Easy to adapt, learn and use intelligent control system
    • Fully automatic corrections (one-touch)
    • Automatically controlled ductor settings
    • User friendly touchscreen interface
    • Remote access to console, reports, database
    • Return on investment (ROI) is less then 1 year at a mid size printing house (see our calculator)


    The automated control functions of CKP Press Optimizer helps
    saving ink and paper and effort by:
    • Shortening make-ready times
    • Minimizing waste
    • Automated, precise colour and density measurement 
    • Optimal paper usage, minimised size of the colour/density bars, all bars are customisable
    • Stabilising print quality for the whole print run
    • Optimising inking based on ink and paper characteristics
    • Minimising human error
    • Minimising client complaint on colour quality
    • Controlling and refining print/color quality automatically
    • Easy to achieve proof - print match
    • Rapid return on investment (ROI)


    Color Key Pro's advanced toolset is helping to implement and use colour quality management.
    • All ISO 12647-2:2013 and MSD 2010 PSO standard reference values are pre-programmed
    • Achieve maximal colour quality for the whole print run
    • All settings and measurements of each job are stored in a database for further reference
    • Ensuring print quality according to industry (ISO 12647-2:2013, MSD 2010 PSO) or other/in-house standards
    • Fully detailed CQ and pass/fail reporting on colour quality
    • Digital job ticketing and printable reports for documented quality management systems
    • Optional connection to existing MIS/ERP softwares

    Electronic interface

    Our self developed CKP E-Link interface set is able to communicate with all kind of electronic inking controls without distracting the printing machine's original control systems or softwares.
    The connection is set on the standard data bus, so no use of lightpen, programme card or other external tools needed. All connections are done by opto-electronic interfaces eliminating the risk of any disturbance in the control electronics of the printing machine.
    The programming of the console / inking settings are done in seconds. Literally in 5 seconds on a Heidelberg CPC console for example.
    We have pre built standard interfaces for Heidelberg CPC, PressCenter, KBA Rapida, MAN Rotoman, Roland and Komori machines. The interface set is easy to adapt on demand to virtually  any electronically controlled inking system of sheet-fed and web-offset machines. 

    Software modules

    The CKP Pressroom Optimizer is a full set of advanced software modules. Main modules are set for ink-key pre setting calculation based on CTP data, spectral and densitometric measurements and evaluation, automated print console control functions. Beside of the basic modules we built in a wide set of tools: to ease your every day job, such us:

    • Job data handling and reporting (optional connection to ERP/MIS systems)
    • CIP3 compatibility and data process
    • CTP, TVI characterization tool
    • ISO/PSO standardisation and reporting
    • Optional Licensed Pantone Libraries with spot colour editing
    • Varnishing, lamination color correction
    • And so on...

    Our modular software architecture is based on robust industry standard APIs and tools. Our SDK is a key for any future/customised development.


    Measurement device

    The CKP system is compatible with industry standard 3rd party automated pressroom measurement devices. 
    X-Rite IntelliTrax, EasyTrax  and 
    Techkon SpectroJet, SpectroScan, SpectroEdge scanning spectrophotometers / densitometers are recommended and fully supported.
    From basic sheetfed to advanced web-offset in-line  we have the tight, modular solution for your color/density/register measurement needs.
    Full control bar scanning only takes (3-8) seconds and the required inking/console settings are calculated by the measured spectral and densitometric data, automatically on the fly. Densitometric only measurement is also supported.
    We think about future.
    The CKP measurement module is easy to adapt to any existing or future measurement devices through our advanced software development kit (SDK).

    We deliver. From pre-inking to closed loop sheetfed and beyond in-line web offset.
    Color Key Pro ensuring a complete workflow based on a modular structure, from advanced CTP data input to print finishing. Most of our unique options are implemented and refined by our customer's needs. Don't hesitate to ask because Color Key Pro is modular and easy to extend through our SDK.

  • ISO 12647-2, PSO standardised


    ISO 12647-2:2013 and PSO out of the box

    The built-in CKP standardisation toolset is not only helping your print standardisation but all measurements and settings can be compared and set to the given standards. All ISO 12647-2:2013 standard referencess and the latest MediaStandard PSO references are preprogrammed and ready to use for different paper types. CKP automatically detect test strips and works with ISO / PSO and in-house references as well.


    Setting-up and keep in-house standards is very easy. The integrated color reference data and the unlimited number of spot channels can be easily integrated to the standards. Tools for CTP plate linearization, TVI curves and our unique ColorLAB functions are also integrated.

  • Speaking the printer's language

    All of the user interfaces and functions are designed together with press operators and with print house managers.

    Speaking the printer's language

    Color Key Pro (CKP) is veary easy to understand, learn and implement. User friendliness is reflected in all details of the system. At the time of installation all education and exams can be done, so no later training required. An average press operator could operate Color Key Pro form day zero, naturally.

    Perfect settings automatically

    The main screen of the system helps the press operator to visually control the settings of the whole sheet with a preview of each inking zone. All current colour / density measurements are displayed as well as the standard reference and aim values. No manual setting of the console is needed, all corrections and settings are uploaded automatically.

    From CTP to Print

    Tone value increasement (TVI) compensation, and the ideal colour /density aims are controlled by the system. The Color Key Pro TVI toolset helps the CTP operators to linearize and standardize their output. All standardization aim values are pre-programmed and the CKP system helps the standardization procedure with automated functions.

    Total inking control

    The advanced inking control functions are helping to reach the ideal settings based on the actual measurements of each printing unit. Ductor, ink response, ink key opening and tone value increase are measured, controlled and documented. The required corrections are calculated automatically and can be uploaded to the printing machine's control unit.
  • Take their words.

    There are no two identical printers as there are no identical scenarios. All of our installations are customised to our customer's needs to match their workflow, quality requirements and every day tasks. Savings and reducing waste is just the starting point, with Color Key Pro all of our customers have several additional benefits and savings. Take their words.

    Nevelland Graphics, Belgium

    At Nevelland Graphics we arrived when all of our competitors failed. At this video you can see why they chosen Color Key Pro over the competition and what are the unique benefits they get with our system. 

    Galleria Grafica, Spain

    The aim of Galleria Grafica in Spain was to save as much waste as possible. They chosen Color Key Pro because of the rapid ROI (less than 1 year in this case). Beside of savings the y reached another goal: client satisfaction because with CKP they have even print quality at their short and long print runs also.

    Gráficas AGA, Spain

    At Gráficas AGA we installed our system on their KBA Rapida 142. The automated ultra fast console and inking settings with the spectrophotometric colorbar measurement helped this printer to save time, waste and increase their print quality.
    A simple case for us but a big leap for the printer.

    Our booth at Drupa 2012

    At Drupa 2012 the X-Rite news team visited our booth. They checked our demo device simulating a printrun with an attached X-Rite EasyTrax measuring device. Our CEO introduced some of the advanced features of Color Key Pro (CKP) Pressroom Optimizer such like the printed job reporting. 
  • Our history

    From local to global. From easy to easier.

    The story of CKP was started as a custom development more than 10 years ago to fulfil the needs of a quality aware local printer in Budapest, Hungary. After we seen how our solution was growing and getting more and more capable we decided to enter the local market with the product: Color Key Pro.  At 2010 we started the development of a very special project and after 2 years of hard working we decided to step further and introduced our first in-line measurement and control solution at DRUPA 2012. After a very successful year with over a dozen installations at Belgium, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, Spain we reached a new milestone and extended our international sales and support team. Now, after more installations than we ever expected we are here to bring what we do the best - our most advanced pressroom control system: 
    Color Key Pro (CKP) Pressroom Optimizer.
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